Electronics manufacturing

Our offer for electronics manufacturing includes complete SMT lines as well as single equipment for board handling, laser marking, screen printing, component mounting, reflow soldering, inspection, testing, cleaning, reel counting and storage, all tailored to fit your needs, and budget.


Handling and Marking

A complete range of ILJIN solutions that provide transport, buffering, accumulation, marking, and many other handling and tracebility alternatives for PCBs. Each unit has an onboard control system and can be linked to others in the system by utilizing their upline and downline SMEMA communications.



Automated PCBA inspection is an essential element in any electronics manufacturing that enables faults to be detected as soon after the manufacturing process as possible. Our offer includes several OMRON solutions for 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and 3D pre/post-reflow Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) as well as 3D Computed Tomography (CT) Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) able to detect even the most challenging faults such as voids and head-in-pillow (HiP) in solder joints.


Printing and Mounting

We also offer screen printing and component mounting machines from Panasonic Connect for both high-mix low-volume and low-mix high volume production. Component placement speeds can go up to 100,000 cph with an accuracy of up to ±15 μm. Panasonic’s APC (Advanced Process Control) sends variations from the SPI machine to the printer and mounting machine, performs corrections automatically for a correct placement of components.



Aurora, the newest reflow oven platform, is designed based on years of expertise and leadership from BTU as one of the makers of the industry’s best performing reflow ovens. As the latest in a long line of world-class thermal systems, Aurora has quality and innovation in its DNA. Aurora’s combination of superior thermal performance, process flexibility and vision for the future sets the new standard for reflow ovens. We are focused on minimizing Total Cost of Ownership for your reflow process.


ICT and FCT Testing

KINALI's Test-it-off is used for automated and fully autonomous verification of PCBAs. The solution includes automated manipulation of PCBAs from different sources such as CAB bins, pallets, conveyors, KLT boxes, or magazines. We are able to integrate the existing ICT/FCT tester supplied by the customer or deliver our own solution with automated closing of the upper pressure for testing PCBAs. The method for storing tested PCBs is optional and usually determined to ensure the continuity of other production processes.

Stencil and PCBA


A wide range of cleaning solutions for stencils, PCBAs and tools are available from MATTHES. EVO MBC is the most compact spray cleaning system for stencils on the market that requires a footprint of only 0.8 m², and that, with integrated drip tray. The cleaning systems of the EVO PCB series are compact single-chamber systems for ultra-fine cleaning of electronic assemblies and components. By regular cleaning of solder frames and carriers, condensate traps, and filters in an EVO MC Toploader, process interruptions and/or too high a reject rate can be avoided.

SMD Reel

Storage and Counting

With smart reel storage you can store hundreds of reels per square meter, save up to 90% floor space and access your parts in seconds. Depending on desired level of automation and complexity as well as available budget possible solutions include INOVAXE smart racks (also known as pick-by-light), MODULA vertical lift modules, SMD towers, and Otto Künnecke fully automated systems with OMRON Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and an inline X-ray counter integrated. And of course, all of them with a possibility to be connected to your MES/ERP system.

Mould Manufacturing

Our offer for mould manufacturing includes mould bases, plates and parts as well as various solutions for inspection, handling, cleaning and storage that all make mould manufacturing and maintenance faster, easier and safer.


Bases and parts

A wide range of mould bases and both standard and special plates in various materials, machining variations, and dimensions. Standard mould parts such as guiding elements, ejectors, marking stamps, springs, hot runner, tempering and electrical components from the world's leading manufacturers, in some cases delivered within 24 hours.


Inspection and Testing

DRTech Inspector i.10 is specifically developed for the inspection and pre-cleaning of mould cooling channels. ProfiTEMP TM enables a complete and professional diagnosis of the condition of the hot runner heaters, sensors, and wiring. Mould inspection station enables inspection and testing of mould hydraulic system, ejector set and cooling system. It can open moulds up to 25 tons and tilt their halves by 90 degrees so that their maintenance can be done without unloading. Spotting press applies pressure on the mould to check the contact surfaces between the moving side and the fixed side, and thus increases both efficiency and quality of the assembly process.



ICEsonic dry ice blasting is a fast, effective and non-abrasive way of mould cleaning. Due to the dry ice blasting technology, cleaning can be performed at operating temperatures. Dry ice blasting will improve operational efficiency, quality of parts and reduce costs. Mould channel cleaner is a compact device for automatic cleaning, diagnostics, and conservation of mould cooling channels that can reduce cooling time even up to 40%, depending on the amount of deposits.

Mould and Spare Parts


MODULA vertical lift modules are high-quality and high-tech systems for storage of moulds and spare parts that save time, storage space and costs, and enable a much more efficient workflow. Moulds which can weigh up to a ton, are not stored horizontally but vertically and are automatically brought to the removal point when required. For example the total capacity of a vertical lift module of 60 tons is ideal for this requirement.


To make your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on higher-value activities, while shortening lead time, reducing the risk of bottlenecks, and optimizing safety.


Collaborative Robots

OMRON collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations. They are easy to program, fast to deploy, and safe to use. Cobots are solving labor issues in manufacturing operations in companies of all sizes. Our offer also includes OnRobot cutting edge gripping and sensing systems that let you easily design truly collaborative applications.


Mobile Robots

OMRON Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are safe, cost-effective mobile robots that quickly automate your internal transportation and logistics. The AMR optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs. With built-in sensors and cameras and sophisticated software, the AMR can identify its surroundings and take the most efficient route to its destination, safely avoiding obstacles and people.

Quadruped and Bipedal


Unitree quadruped or robot dogs have advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence. They can go where people go and execute dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. These robots can be equipped with different payloads and sensors depending on the type of information that companies want to gather. An industrial level, super load and waterproof robot dog is also available. Bipedal or humanoid robots resemble the human body in shape and can also be programmed to perform some tasks as required.

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