Electronics, battery and back-end semiconductor manufacturing

Our offer for electronics, EV battery and back-end semiconductor manufacturing includes equipment for various processes such as board handling, depaneling, laser trimming, inspection, pin insertion, semiconductor packaging, counting and storage, all tailored to fit your needs, and budget.

Magazine and Boat

Handling, Marking and Routing

A complete range of ILJIN solutions that provide transport, buffering, accumulation, marking, depaneling by a router bit, and many other handling and tracebility alternatives for PCBs. Each unit has an onboard control system and can be linked to others in the system by utilizing their upline and downline SMEMA communications. Boat loader and unloader automatically supplies and stores lead frame, BGA board, and boat in the semiconductor production.

PCB, Wafer and SMD

Laser Processing

For perfectly clean cut edges, without residues, dust or carbonization, InnoLas high-speed laser depaneling is available. InnoLas also offers individual laser solutions for drilling blind vias and through holes from 15 µm in diameter in both rigid and flexible PCBs. Laser trimming systems are used in various applications in thick and thin film as well as for passive and active trimming (while probing and measuring Ω, V, A, F, Hz, H) on a wide variety of materials such as silicon wafers, ceramics, FR4, steel, or SMD components.



Automated PCBA inspection is an essential element in any electronics manufacturing that enables faults to be detected as soon after the manufacturing process as possible. Our offer includes several OMRON solutions for 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and 3D pre/post-reflow Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) as well as 3D Computed Tomography (CT) Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) able to detect even the most challenging faults such as voids and head-in-pillow (HiP) in solder joints.

2D and 3D

X-Ray Inspection

We also offer 2D and 3D X-ray inspection systems from SEC for various applications in electronics, battery and semiconductor manufacturing. For example, Wire Automated X-ray Inspection (WAXI), X-ray inspection of Black-Light Unit (BLU) and LED long bar products as well as in-line X-ray inspection system for secondary battery. Nano-focus X-ray inspection system is specially suitable for Semiconductor Packaging and Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) requiring detection of sub-micron defects.

EV Battery

CT X-Ray Inspection

Today, each EV battery goes through a 2D X-ray inspection for quality control to catch among other things defects that could lead to catastrophic damages. However, even with this and several other quality control steps these defects happen. Thus using CT for EV battery inspection has become important to both EV manufacturers and the battery manufacturers and in line with the mass production of EVs. High-speed in-line X-ray EV battery CT inspection from SEC enables a reliable inspection of for example electrode alignment, can to electrode gap, and particle.

EV Battery

Flying Probe Testing

One of the main concerns of many OEMs, integrators, and new start-ups is the testing of EV battery packs. The electrical connections between the EV battery cells are fundamental for correct performance and safety of the battery. Therefore their testing should be a mandatory step of the battery manufacturing process. Seica Pilot BT represents a new generation of flying probe test solutions for the specific test requirements of this increasingly high-volume manufacturing process achieving production rates of nearly 2400 battery cells per minute.



Integrated Circuit (IC) packaging technologies can be broadly placed in two categories – wire bonding and flip chip. Tape Automated Bonding (TAB) as improved wire bonding is a process that places bare ICs onto a flexible printed circuit board (FPC). Flip chip bonding enables chip-scale packaging by eliminating the need for interconnection space surrounding the IC. It also enables a significantly higher I/O density between IC and substrate and much shorter interconnects meaning that electrical losses and heat generation are less severe compared to wire bonding.

SMD Reel


A precise component count can make production flow better. SpotCheck reel estimator is a smart little handheld device that can count SMD on reels even when they are on the P&P machine. SMtech SMD chip counter is a motorized counter that counts and rewinds a full 0805 reel in 100 seconds and can also detect empty pockets. SRS SMART:count is a more advanced solution used to unwind a reel of components, then rewind it printing a component count onto the cover tape so that you do not need to re-count it ever. A count accuracy of 99.9% can only be achieved using X-ray counter that can be connected to your MES/ERP system and is a part of our offer too.

SMD Reel


With smart reel storage you can store hundreds of reels per square meter, save up to 90% floor space and access your parts in seconds. Depending on desired level of automation and complexity as well as available budget possible solutions include INOVAXE smart racks (also known as pick-by-light), vertical carousel and lift modules, SMD towers, and Otto Künnecke fully automated systems with MiR Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and X-ray counter integrated. And of course, all of them with a possibility to be connected to your MES/ERP system.

Injection moulding, die casting and metal stamping

Our offer for injection moulding, die casting and metal stamping includes mould and die bases, plates and parts as well as various solutions for inspection, handling, tempering, cleaning and storage that all make mould and die both making and maintenance much faster, easier and safer.

Mould and Die

Bases, plates and parts

A wide range of mould and die bases and both standard and special plates in various materials, machining variations, and dimensions. Standard mould and die parts such as guiding elements, ejectors, cutting punches, marking stamps, springs, hot runner, tempering and electrical components from the world's leading manufacturers, in some cases delivered within 24 hours.


Inspection and Testing

DRTech Inspector i.10 is specifically developed for the inspection and pre-cleaning of all type of mould cooling channels, even the most challenging ones. Mould inspection station enables inspection and testing of mould hydraulic system, ejector set and cooling system. It can open moulds up to 25 tons and tilt their halves by 90 degrees so that their maintenance can be done without unloading. Die spotting press applies pressure on the mould to check the contact surfaces between the moving side and the fixed side, and thus increases both efficiency and quality of the assembly process.

Mould and Hot Runner

Temperature Control

MATSUI MC5 mould temperature controller is the next generation in mould temperature controllers. It reaches temperature settings faster, has a bigger, feature-packed, user-friendly control panel, yet has a small footprint, so it slips in and out of the smallest places. Meusburger profiTEMP+ hot runner temperature controller impresses with innovative technology and space-saving design as well as new intelligent functions such as Smart Power Limitation (SPL) and MoldCheck for hot runner inspection and diagnosis.



ICEsonic dry ice blasting is a fast, effective and non-abrasive way of mould cleaning. Due to the dry ice blasting technology, cleaning can be performed at operating temperatures. Dry ice blasting will improve operational efficiency, quality of parts and reduce costs. Mould channel cleaner is a compact device for automatic cleaning, diagnostics, and conservation of mould cooling channels that can reduce cooling time even up to 40%, depending on the amount of deposits.

Mould, Die and Spare Parts


MODULA vertical lift modules are high-quality and high-tech systems for storage of moulds, dies and spare parts that save time, storage space and costs, and enable a much more efficient workflow. Moulds and dies, which can weigh up to a ton, are not stored horizontally but vertically and are automatically brought to the removal point when required. For example the total capacity of a vertical lift module of 60 tons is ideal for this requirement.

Industrial Robots

To make your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on higher-value activities, while shortening lead time, reducing the risk of bottlenecks, and optimizing safety.


Collaborative Robots

UR collaborative robots (cobots) are designed to optimize productivity in logistics and manufacturing operations. They are easy to program, fast to deploy, and safe to use. Cobots are solving labor issues in manufacturing operations in companies of all sizes. Our offer also includes OnRobot cutting edge gripping and sensing systems that let you easily design truly collaborative applications.


Mobile Robots

MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are safe, cost-effective mobile robots that quickly automate your internal transportation and logistics. The AMR optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so you can increase productivity and reduce costs. With built-in sensors and cameras and sophisticated software, the AMR can identify its surroundings and take the most efficient route to its destination, safely avoiding obstacles and people.


Robot Dogs

Unitree quadruped robots (robot dogs) are robots with advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence. They can go where people go and execute dull, dirty and dangerous tasks which don’t occur solely on a neatly organized factory floor but also pop up in the natural world and human-built environments. The four-legged robots can be equipped with different payloads and sensors depending on the type of information that companies want to gather. An industrial grade, super large load, dustproof and waterproof version is available as well.

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